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Menopauza-anti-aging igényes nőknek
For an ageless health and quality of life

Health, fitness, beauty, youthful outlook

In the 21st century health, fitness, good physical condition, youthful and pleasant appearance are almost expected and beyond that the increased expectations lying heavily on the individual, the prolonged retiral age require above average performance. Therefore health and pleasant appearance are a requisite.

Today health does not only mean lack of illnesses but optimizing the skills and quality of life as well this way besides curing preservation of health, self caring, health conscious behavior and the tool system of these such as wellness, selfness, anti-aging medicine have all come to existence.

Interest in anti-aging medicine in an understandable way features mainly the 50-60 year olds. However, according to our experience more and more take interest in it from the younger generation too since securing the both physically and mentally active 'golden age' should start in time. Employing health care services that aim at the preservation and liveliness of the physical and mental capabilities, sexual charms is not luxury but it is important for both the individual and the society because the quality of the third part of our lives depends on this.

Anti-Aging Medicine

The English anti-aging medicine medical terminology aiming at preserving and improving the physical and mental capabilities of human beings became accepted in the medical field. The meaning of anti-aging is against growing old, going against aging. Anti-aging medicine is a multidisciplinary medical field based on physic and medical technology and aims at prevention, diagnostics and treatment of malfunctions deriving from aging, deficiency conditions and early illnesses.

As opposed to general belief anti-aging is not only predestinated to wipe away the exterior signs of age.

The role of anti-aging medicine is complex: optimizing the internal physiological processes and aesthetic improving of the appearance. Preserving, improving and restoring internal health aims at restoring the level of biochemical compounds which are vital for the human organism through physiological processes, stopping inflammation in the body, detoxification, restoring the level of hormones with bio-identical hormones; all of these slow down and balance the early aging of the human cells. Improving outward appearance with aesthetical dermatological treatment, plastic surgery, varicose surgery operations, aesthetical limb surgery, genital surgical corrections.

Besides help from the medical field health conscious behavior, appropriate nutrition, life style and regular exercise are naturally essential.

All of these jointly lead to ageless health and biologically-physiologically meant ageless quality of life!

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