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Menopauza-anti-aging igényes nőknek
For an ageless health and quality of life

Anti-aging and fitness

The testosterone promotes the preservation of the solidity of the bones and maintenance of the muscle mass. The muscle mass is determinative for the appearance, since it is also decisive in maintaining the figure, the contours of the body. It is not a negligible fact that that the testosterone preserves the capacity of the heart.

The dehydroepiandrosterone or DHEA slows down the development of fine wrinkles, stimulates the regeneration processes of the skin, promotes the collagen- and elastin production, which results in rebuilding of the new bright tissue.

The pregnenolone accepts the battle with the effects of stress; improves the mood, mobility, concentration ability and memory, strengthens the immune system and increases the general energy level.

Who is more attractive than an energetic, healthy, good-looking, muscular man?


Similarly to the equivalent of the female menopause, men goes through andropause, when in most cases the testosterone hormone level starts decreasing.


Fatigability, irritability, erectile dysfunction, loss of sexual appetite, abdominal obesity, urinary tract problems, thinning of the hair on the face, in the armpit and the area of groin, hair loss, osteoporosis, loss of muscle mass, gain in weight, depression, heart diseases.

Erectile dysfunction (impotence)

While the erectile dysfunction is mostly attributable to the low testosterone level, in many cases the substitution of testosterone itself does not resolve the problem.
And who knows, maybe in your case no testosterone is needed?

The specifically low testosterone level or the relatively high oestrogen level of the sportsmen in their thirties is not a rare medical finding nowadays.
The chemistry of the man's body is complicated, many factors have to be harmonised for the optimal physical and sexual performance.

Although the manufacturers of registered pharmaceuticals suggest the possibility of a solution to treat the impotence, the problem of impotence is much more complex.

Symptom of a disease

The normal erection is the result of the very complex interactions of the nerves and the circulatory system. The erectile dysfunction itself has also a negative impact on the quality of the man's life, however, it is a frightening fact that it may be the first symptom of a disease.
The erectile dysfunction may be an early sign of a heart disease, arteriosclerosis, diabetes or other serious disease. Our psychology optimizing program allows the complex exploration of the causes of the problem through detailed anamnesis, specialist's examinations and blood chemical analysis, and the customized treatment of the cause.

Side effect of the pharmaceuticals

The erectile dysfunction may be not only a symptom of a disease, but it is also a side effect of the pharmaceuticals taken for the diseases: as a side effect of the medicine used to treat the high cholesterol level, depression, high blood pressure, anxiety, arthralgia, heartburn the appearance of impotence is frequent.


It is obvious that the impotence is not simply a function of the testosterone level. Most of the men trying out the testosterone therapy get only a partial solution for the erectile dysfunction. The chain of events leading to the lasting erection starts with the release of neurotransmitters in the brain by excitation, and then these give signals to the circulatory system. As a consequence of the lack of the appropriate level and balance of the chemicals participating in the chemical processes taking place in the brain and body the testosterone therapy itself cannot be sufficient.
It is a less known fact that the testosterone may transform into oestrogen on the effect of a chemical called aromatase, and the protein named Sex Hormone Binding Globulin can also extract the testosterone from the circulation within the body, so the substitution of testosterone itself does not increase the testosterone level. Natural drugs are also existing to neutralize them. szerek.

The physiology optimizing program aims to restore the biochemistry of the body by ignoring synthetic medicine, optimize the level of hormones, which is able to restore the normal erection in a natural way.

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